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Congratulations to our Crown Trophy Athletes

for the Month of September:

Cameron Henderson and C.J.Gomez.
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It is a requirement that all athletes have had a valid sports physical on file and that you are medically cleared to participate. A physical is only valid for next year (2014-2015) if it was administered on or after February 1st, 2014. Bring the physical form with you when you go to the doctor and make a copy of the completed form for your records. The completed physical form should only be turned into your coach at the first practice or to the Activities Office prior to that date. Do not turn your physical into anyone else. The required form can be downloaded to the right.
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The 2014-2015 Fort Zumwalt South High School Activities Booster Club needs YOU!. Help our kids maximize their extracurricular experience as a Bulldog by becoming an active member today! The Boosters are looking for volunteers for various activities starting in the fall of 2014.
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The map document below is customized to provide directions to every local opponent school that appears on the Bulldog's athletic schedule. Please keep in mind however, that some sports such as cross county, golf, and swimming compete at off-campus locations. We have made every attempt to include every known and anticipated location of events. Please contact Mike O'Brien should you find a site that is missing and the location will be added promptly.
Click here to access the list of Bulldog Opponents.

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Link to the Wall of Excellence page.
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NEXT MEETING: Monday, October 13th.
104 GAC Titles
65 District Titles
14 Final Fours
4 State Championships
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The FZS Booster Club does great work for our kids and or staff BUT they need your help. The majority of our funds come via operation of the concession stands and we are in dire need of volunteers. Please cosider helping out at the stands even if it is for just one evening. Click the Sign Up Genius link to the right and enter FZSBoosters@gmail.com in the search window to see the sign-up schedule. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated. GO BULLDOGS!!!
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Team District Tennis Championship at 3:30 PM, site TBA.

9th Soccer at the FZN Tourney, (see bracket).

JV Softball vs FHC at Home, 4:15 PM.

Varsity Softball at FHC, 4:15 PM.

 JV Soccer in the FZS JV Tourney at 4:00 PM at
Woodlands Sports Park (see bracket).

9th Soccer at the FZN Tourney, (see bracket).

9/JV/V Volleyball at Troy, 5:00 PM.
Varsity Soccer at Eureka vs Cape in the Gateway Classic, 5:30 PM (see bracket)


9th Soccer at the FZN Tourney, (see bracket).

Swimming at Hazelwood West, 4:00 PM.

9/JV/V Volleyball at Seckman, 4:15 PM.

Varsity Soccer in the Gateway Classic at 5:30 PM

(see bracket).

JV Softball at FZW, 4:15 PM.

Varsity Softball vs FZW at Home, 4:15 PM.

Cross Country at the Cap City Challenge in JC, 9:00 AM.

IND. District Tennis at Timberland, 9:00 AM.

Swimming in the Roger Eastman Invitational, 9:00 AM.

JV Soccer AND Softball at FZE, 10:00 AM.

SENIOR "DAY" Softball vs FZE at Home, 10:00 AM.

VAR Soccer in the Gateway Classic, TBA (see bracket).

Varsity Football vs SC West at 1:00 PM.


Monday, September 29th
Tuesday, September 30th
Wednesday, October 1st
Thursday, October 2nd
Friday, October 3rd
Saturday, October 4th

District Golf at Chrystal Springs, 8:30 AM.

Team District Tennis vs FZN or FZW at Home, 3:30 PM.

JV Soccer in the FZS JV Tourney at 4:00 PM at

Woodlands Sports Park (see bracket).

9/JV/V Volleyball at FZE, 4:00 PM.

Varsity Soccer at FZE, 6:30 PM.
197 181 92 65
Taking 1st Place in three events at the 10-Team FZW Jaguar Relays on Saturday, September 20th, the Bulldog Swimmers and Divers scored 272 points to beat
runner-up CBC by 42 points. This came on the heels of South's win in the first annual Zumwalt Quad.
FZ Quad
Congratulations Coaches Chris Bailey and Tom Hale along with the ladies of the
2014 Fort Zumwalt South Bulldog Golf Team. We are very proud of you.
This website has admired the work of Mr. Terry Simpson and at times, we have borrowed from his portfolio. Mr. Simpson is a South High Parent and you will see him at many of our contests. Check out his website and see if you are not fully impressed with his action shots of our athletes.
fzsbulldogs001023.gif fzsbulldogs001006.jpg
The Bulldogs won our school's first GAC Team Title in Girls Golf on September 23rd. FZS had four medalists; Shelby Tierney in 6th, Lexi Cork in 5th, Erika Martin took 4th, and Amanda Kim won her fourth Individual Conference Crown with a 3 under par 69.
Great job ladies, next up... DISTRICTS!
The team has also brought home the Championship Trophy in the Troy Invitational and
the FHN Knight Cup in addition to finishing the regular season 15 and 0.

JV Soccer in the FZS JV Tourney vs FZW at 4:00 PM at

Woodlands Sports Park (see bracket).

9th Football vs FZN at Home, 4:00 PM.

9th Soccer at the FZN Tourney vs Holt at 4:45 PM

(see bracket).  Possible Games W/T/F.

JV Football vs FZN at Home, 6:00 PM.